Meter Reading Reroutes

What is rerouting?

Rerouting involves changing a customer’s meter reading route to improve reading efficiency. Customers who have their meter reading route changed may see a change to their bill issue date and bill due date.

Will my account number change?

No, your SEMCO ENERGY Gas account number will not change.

What changes will I notice to my bill?

For some customers, this may result in a one-time shorter or longer billing period, however, this will not impact the total annual cost the customer would normally pay.

For example:

  • On September 25, you receive a bill based on a September 20 meter reading with a due date of October 16.
  • On October 1, your account is moved to a new meter reading route that is scheduled to be read on October 5 which is 15 days later.  Your usage period for your October bill will be from September 20 to October 5 – a shorter than normal billing period.
  • If your September bill was not due at the time your October bill was generated, the September billing amount will display as a previous balance on your bill – if you have already paid your September billing and it is not reflected on your October billing, simply deduct the amount you already paid and pay the remainder of the amount owed by the due date.

Will my budget plan be impacted?

Customers participating in the budget program will not see any change with their monthly budget payment, only the bill issue and due date may change.

Will customers enrolled in Direct Pay be impacted?

For Direct Pay customers with a September bill that is due after October 1, no funds will be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date indicated on your September bill.  Instead, your September bill amount will be combined with your October bill and the two bills’ combined amount will be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date indicated on your October billing.  If your September bill was due before October 1, the funds will be withdrawn on the due date indicated on your September bill.

How long will rerouting last?

Rerouting will only take place during October.  After that, your bill will display a normal usage period.

If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service 1-800-624-2019.